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Incredible Illustrations by Mitch & Elizabeth

by GenCept | August 04, 2010

I am a huge admirer of comic book art work with being brought up around them from a young age. I am always on the look out from creative and inspirational work and the work being showcased is just that! Mitch (mbreitweiser) and his wife Elizabeth (dismang) both work side by side producing fantastic work.

A little bit about Mitch & Elizabeth

I've been drawing exclusively for Marvel since 2006. I've been really fortunate to be on some really great projects including, Ultimate Fantastic Four, Captain America: The Chosen, Sub Mariner 70th Anniversary Special (Which also featured the last work of the late Al Williamson (a personal hero of mine)), and a handful of other great cover and interior projects.

My most recent book on the shelf was Captain America # 607 with Ed Brubaker and Butch Guice. I also have a four issue mini series coming out in September called "Captain America: Patriot." it's beautifully written by Karl Kessel, and will be the first full mini series colored by my wife, Bettie.

Bettie has also been the colorist for the AWESOME Agents of Atlas series over artist, Gabriel Hardman. She'll also be following him onto his run on The Hulk this fall!


Marvel Mysteries Cover Painting by Mitch Breitweiser from Mitch Breitweiser on Vimeo.


Marvel Mysteries Handbook CVR by mbreitweiser

Magnus: Robot Fighter by mbreitweiser

Al Williamson tribute by mbreitweiser

Batman Superman colored by mbreitweiser

Captain America by mbreitweiser

Submariner Cover: updated by mbreitweiser

Avengers Invaders Cover by mbreitweiser

The Gunslinger by mbreitweiser

Lay Your Burdens down by mbreitweiser

Cap on the Western Front by mbreitweiser

Black Panther Decade Variant by mbreitweiser

Spiderman 600 wallpaper by mbreitweiser

Cap 600 Wallpaper by mbreitweiser

Green Lantern Wallpaper by mbreitweiser

White Queen Wallpaper by mbreitweiser

kingdom come desktop by mbreitweiser

Quick Daredevil painting by mbreitweiser

SubMariner 70th by mbreitweiser

Captain America:Theatre of War by mbreitweiser

Dark Tower Wallpaper by mbreitweiser


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