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Amazing Glass: 15 Creative Uses of Glass in Architecture

by GenCept | July 19, 2010

Glass Buildings – The transparent, ethereal nature of glass allows for extraordinary creations in the world of architecture. From a crystalline pyramid of light to a clear balcony 1,300 feet in the sky, glass is truly a versatile material for the creative architect. To celebrate how important glass is to our homes, offices and lives, here is a look at the world’s glass building masterpieces: 15 creative uses of glass in architecture.

Sports and Leisure Center in Saint-Cloud France

Selgas Cano Architecture Office

Sears Tower Glass Balconies

Farnsworth House by Mies van der Rohe

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Glass Houseboat by X-Architects

La Estancia Glass Chapel

National Grand Theater of China

Basque Health Department Headquarters of Bilbao Spain

X House by Arquitectura X

Kanagawa Institute of Technology Glass Building

House Cafe Kanyon by Autoban Architects

IT House by Taalman Koch

The Louvre Pyramid

The Glass Pavilion House by Steve Hermann


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