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Contrasting effects of Day and Night Photography – 30 Snaps!

by GenCept | June 07, 2010

Telling the evident difference between day and night photography is surely useless. The former is a fight with the sunshine, while in the latter mode, you have to battle against the darkness. In either mode, the task of a photographer is to effectively exploit the surroundings to his advantage. Although it is true that professional photography heavily relies on the equipment used, but the essence of a photograph lies in the hands of the photographer.

While shooting in the daytime poses exposure issues, the night time has its share of darkness to tackle. Nature and Wild Life photographers mostly prefer daytime photography, focusing more on close exposure. Whereas in the night time, one requires a relatively longer exposure while taking pictures.

Following is a set of wonderfully taken photographs captures during different parts of day and night.

Night Photography:

The best time for night photography is between dusk and dawn. While shooting in the dark, one has a choice between using flash and using a long exposure. The flash works like an artificial light while exposing the scene for seconds or even minutes, gives the film enough time to capture an effective picture.

NYC Night

City Lights


London Eye

Ghent by night

QEII Bridge at Dartford

Twist and Turn

Brighton Strip

The River Thames featuring Tower Bridge


Night view of Niagara Falls

Into a Skyline Unilluminated

Sydney Opera House by night

Fireworks at New Years Eve

Brisbane City by Night

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Day Photography

Although it may seem that day photography is relatively easier than the night, but the reality is different. This is because the daytime shooting involves complex details to look after. The real difficulty is to capture the scenery in broad daylight when the sun in at zenith. This requires exact positioning of the camera to avoid any shadows and reflections.

Imperial Palace

Machu Picchu – Peru

Quiraing Sunrise


Goblin Valley State Park – Utah

Hagia Sophia

A yellow ocean

Inside the piercing

Pot of Gold

Monasterio de Piedra Spain

Bayeux, Normandy, France

Beautiful Scenery

Sunrise at Combal Lake

Patchwork – Burano, Venice

Milk and mint


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