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24 NOT photoshopped pictures – Illusion or delusion?

by GenCept | June 07, 2010

Photoshop is every graphic designer’s launch pad towards professional designing. The power of Photoshop manipulation is inconceivable. Every day we observe heaps of celebrity photos, snaps and conceptual print ads that are professionally buffed through Photoshop to make them acceptable on screen. However, there is a distinction between a Photoshopped snap and a photography snap.

The Technique – Playing With Forced Perspective:

You must have come across pictures that make you say “this is definitely photoshopped”, but after a closer examination you find out that they are actually not. They are claimed NOT to be photoshopped. The technique used in this type of photography is “forced perspective”. By definition, forced perspective is a technique that utilizes visual illusion to make an object appear farther, closer, smaller or bigger than it actually is. This technique is widely employed in cinematography where miniature objects are used and posed as life-size items.

Have a look at these 24 incredible images that are claimed NOT to be photoshopped.

The Headless Horse

Who’s big now?

The Dramatic Fall – Matrix Style

Ferrari – For Kids

Cloud Spray

A Drop from Heaven


Air fusion

Sleeping on heaven

Not too heavy

Dancing ballerina


Fresh water


Jesus! Is that a plane?

What a mess!

Watch out for the BIG FOOT!

Living Laterally

Eye” like this staircase

Ghost Cabinet

Mirror Image

Rocket Bird

Bubble Trouble

Question image: Spork

You Decide:

Although these images are titled "NOT to be photoshopped" but I would like you all to decide if the title is justified. And for the last image…don’t you find it hard to believe that it this picture is not photoshopped?

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