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10 Deadly Gorgeous Bedrooms Design

by Paritoshika Kapoor | June 29, 2010

With the craze of graphic design, observing pictures is one thing we do most. We recently went around plucking bedroom pictures. And while doing that we fell. Not literally, but fell in love with some of these gorgeous ones we came across.

Each bedroom that is featured below has a different story to tell. One transforms you into the victorian era, another takes you on a stroll through the rooms of a house on some deserted street. Some are beautifully lit, some have got even the simplest blinds going for them. Some are design wise pretty dramatic while some subtle. One even has a swimming pool thrown in! Basically each is different from the other and we sort of love this design hotch potch. :)

gorgeous blue bedroom

gorgeous bedroom by elif

brown by pnn

modern bedroom by bent masrya

Bedroom Maxwell by xsekox

Bedroom by TareqBanama

beautiful bedroom Zhitnik

amazing beige bedroom

stunning guest house

pretty bedroom by dotso


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