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Photography Masters

by GenCept | April 25, 2010

Since the very beginning of GenCept, I've been bringing cool photography inspiration for you. I've featured many awesome photographers, from the ones with innovative techniques to oldschool guys, and all that. And today I've made a list. I love lists. :)

From classic Alberto Korda to hyped Dave Hill, our list actually ins't that long, but we've tried to remember the photographers that inspired us in some way... and at the end, the magic number was 14. Of course there are more photo masters out there, and we wish to hear from you. Do you know a Photography Master we've missed? Drop a comment! Hope you all enjoy our selection! Cheers! ;)

Pouya Dianat

Paul Armstrong

Joey Lawrence

Dave Hill

Brett Walker

Jesh de Rox

Alberto Korda

Catherine Nikola

Burçin Esin

Nick Brewer

Michael Grecco

Drew Gardner

Peter Yang

John Paul Arlington


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