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People of Haiti Still Need Your Help

by GenCept | April 28, 2010

An intense earthquake has left the small island nation of Haiti in "total disaster and chaos," according to U.S. officials. Registering a magnitude of 7.0, it struck on 12th January afternoon and has done damage that will not be measurable for some time.

It’s easy to feel separated from things like this based on geography, but it doesn’t mean we’re not all in this together. Every bit counts. My heart goes out to you, Haiti—James White

The People of Haiti Still Need Your Help and Solidarity: The massive earthquake which hit Haiti nearly 3 Months ago has left up to 200,000 dead, tens of thousands of injured and sick, and 3 million people affected in other ways—out of Haiti’s population of 9 million people. The Highest priority right now is to get as much direct help to the Haitian people as possible. We encourage everyone to make an individual contribution, as well as getting your unions, community organizations and other groups to pitch in. Help them, they are in need! Help them the way you can. Every penny counts.

Note: We are neither directly nor in any way connected with the Haiti Help Campaign. We are here to encourage you to help Haiti the way you can. There are many Organizations working for this cause or you can directly help the people of Haiti by contacting Haiti Embassy of your region.


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