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63 Reasons to Stop Smoking

by GenCept | April 15, 2010

Today I will be making a post a little bit different from the usual. It’s not that I’m for or against the tobacco industry, it’s just that during the months that I’ve been working on GenCept, even before that I’ve encountered a few of these images that I’ll be posting today. Some of which have been publicized and others not, but have a look at them and think twice before you light up your next cigarette. This is dedicated for the people that are trying to quit smoking, or are thinking of quitting. Hopefully this will serve as an inspiration and a big motivation for you all.

The Smoke by lucaszoltowski

Smoking kills by uribaani

Smoking is Suicide- gun by kellykashcraft

No smoking by shaun velka

Antismoke by R.J. Reynolds

Smoke Skull by jor182

The Ripper Smoke by jor182

Smoke by gregor999

smoke by sicboi06

Blow Yourself Away (Anti Smoking Ad) by Alex Cornell

Hangman by Burak Kaynak

Don’t Smoke by roweig

smoking kills

WWF: Lungs

Regional Cancer Centre: Breast

Adesf: War, 2

Anti- Smoking Ad

ADESF: Lungs

ADESF: Stomach

ADESF: Heart

Dublin City Council Anti-Littering Campaign: Butts Are Litter Too

INEN Cancer Prevention Center: Ice cream

INEN Cancer Prevention Center: Crash test

INEN Cancer Prevention Center: Shave

INEN Cancer Prevention Center: Demolition

INEN Cancer Prevention Center: Zebra

Good Hope FM: Bulb

FPA Australia: Stub

Anti Smoking Help Line: Suicide

The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation: Deathbed

Tabaconomia : Calculates Tobacco Costs, Car

Best Anti Smoking Ad Campaign

smoking is suicide- noose

smoking is suicide- knife

Smoke Kills

anti-smoking ad

Smoking is injurious to SEXUAL Health

Passive smoke

yet another no smoking ad

CONAC Chilean Corporation Against Cancer: Brown

CONAC Chilean Corporation Against Cancer: Blonde

Adesf: War, 1

Gazeta do Povo: Glass

Gazeta do Povo: Popcorn


NHA: Time bomb

NHA: Pocket knife

NHA: Bullets

Cancer Aid & Research Foundation: Rope

Cancer Aid & Research Foundation: Knife

The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, Passive Smoking: Shotgun

Non-Smoking-Campaign: Smoke ring

Cancer Ads

Cancer Patients Aid Association: Bistro

Cancer Patients Aid Association: Motel



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